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Eyebrow game strong

Just in time for spring,  L.A. based celeb make-up artist Brett freedman has brought the magic of that perfect brow arch to Sephora.  From singer| actress Selena Gomez to comedian Amy Poehler, Brett has been glamifying celebs for over 20 years. Make-up artist by day and brow guru by night, what else is there left to do but to launch Brett Freedman Beauty and perfect the Brett brow.

What’s up with the product!?

To provide that sharp definition and receive a more natural shadow Brett Beauty has come up with the Duo-shade pencil. With this two sided pencil and original pencil to powder formula we are able to use together two separate tones that will leave all arches with a prime color match. For darker, long lasting effects there is none other than the brow gel accompanied with a dry brush blender manages to give a firm hold that is sure to last throughout the day. And finally to catch onto all of those very annoying hairs there is the Dual tip tweezer. This clean and convenient design is made for fast and precise shaping. Anyone of these eyebrow miracles can be purchased at Sephora for about $18.00 each!

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It’s no question of whether or not we want picture perfect eyebrows.  What Brett has done with this launch just makes it easier to get that professional, clean look for a not so professional price.  With great definition, spot on color match, slanted tips to keep maintenance up and conveniently placed at a great price Brett brow is making the world sparkle a little bit more, two eyebrows at a time.   Eyebrow game strong written by Christa Canady.  

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