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DIOR prefall 2015-16 Tokyo

L’Esprit Dior gone Tokyo. Heavily inspired by the city and its futuristic edge, the French fashion house presented a pre-fall 2015|16.  Designer Raf Simons talks about practical glamour and inspiration.  Full of contrasts with  materials and colours, sequins and embroideries are mixed with mesh, patent leather and knitwear.   More graphic, more angular…

The Lady Dior bag is also reworked in a XXL version. Here’s a view of the show + excerpts from his interview: [click to view VID]

“I wanted to start from a very typical Dior shape and give it a completely different materialisation, so it would also get a different use. I was attracted to add something to the “garde-robe” because I think that in Dior we are offering a lot of “garde-robe” for special occasions, and I was attracted to think about how women live their lives besides the special occasions, so for me it was interesting to think about utility and function and outdoors, you know like, women with their children in the garden, bringing them to school, girls on the motorcycle from their boyfriends, going out in the garden by the sea with the dogs with the kids, that was the starting point. I even started to think about Tokyo a little bit like a kind of blade runner to our city, how I perceived it in the past was kind of like materialising with all these kind of buildings, and advertising, but then specifically also the way people look very, very different from one to each other. It’s not a city that has one style, fashion is happening in the streets here also, so I think that was more a kind of mind set, and an attitude to get that inspiration.” – Raf Simons.

DIOR prefall 2015-16 Tokyo selects + commentary by Brigitte Segura.


ph: FashionWirePress


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