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summer skin: Darphin’s 5 Step Beauty Regimen

Skin requires a great deal of attention to be in tip top form. Meaning,  a quick wash and a simple slather of lotion won’t cut it. Sometimes it’s just a matter of switching up your old routine to achieve revitalized results. For a complete process we recommend Darphin’s 5 step regimen.

After testing the routine, our editor Brigitte Segura tried it out and reported favorable summer-friendly results:  Naturally, step one is to clean. The Aromatic Cleansing Balm with Rosewood becomes a silky milk when mixed with water. Made with Marula Oil, Sage, Ylang Ylang and Rosewood essential oils it has spa qualities that ignite the transformation of nourishment for radiantly smooth skin. If you are brave to try the non-wash version, we recommend The Darphin cleansing milk ast step 1.  Use the Refreshing Toner as  step two, using the alcohol-free toner freshly scented with Fig and Banana Tree Flower Extracts. This toner doesn’t dry out the skin but rather revitalizes and clarifies for a refreshed feeling.

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Though this seems to be a few steps too many, the regime is most effective if every step is actually followed through. Step 3 involves the VITALSKIN Anti-Fatigue Serum. Chock full of extracts in a botanical concentrate, the formula is enriched with Polynesian Noni, Caffeine, Vitamin C. The aqua-light properties makes for radically radiant skin. The HYDRASKIN Essential All Day Skin-Hydrating Emulsion is next in line. This fourth step is ideal for every skin type and contains breakthrough HYDRA-STRUCTURE™ Technology. This high-performance hydrating complex contains powerful ingredients like Salicornia Herbacea, Butterfly Lavender that come straight from nature. Enliven skin’s natural moisture by protecting it and restoring it.

Last but not least, and step 5, moisturize. The HYDRASKIN LIGHT Gel Cream is good for normal and combination skin. The high-performance hydrating formula is made of ingredients designed for ultimate hydration with a dewy, bright glow that’s naturally beautiful especially in summer. The complete set of products combine for results that are hard to come by, and you will be happy if you stick to it for a few days. Follow the formula and make the most of your beauty routine, keeping your skin clear and very smooth. Smooth enough to want to touch it yourself.  summer skin: Darphin’s 5 Step Beauty Regimen written by Sarah A. Freiseis.