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curly hair loving HydroHair

Catching up: On a rainy day during Fashion Month fw16 as the FashionDailyMag crew was running as usual during the NYFW: menswear shows held in SoHo. Taking a slight detour between shows, we stopped in TriBeCa to meet hair style expert Jeorge Napoleon for the launch of HydroHair – curly hair loving products.

HydroHair Launch Paul Terrie Fashiondailymag 38 copy

As soon as we walked into the quaint salon in Tribeca, we felt right at home. The mood was on, we were surrounded by creatives and bloggers alike not to mention- alot of curly hair.  We were ready to experience the HydroHair treatment by none other than Jeorge Napoleon, king of curls.  Our editor in chief Brigitte was up first, thanks to the rain situation… Her hair was stuck together from all the hair products she had been using during fashion week. Our guest of the evening included Olexandra Kutas, who has wavy hair, and Joerge worked his magic with her hair too.

brigitte segura alexandra HydroHair Launch Paul Terrie Fashiondailymag 22

Jeorge worked his magic by shampooing first, and then ran the HydroHair product through hair using only fingers as a technique, much to our editor’s delight, who tries to avoid hairbrushes or combs altogether.  The technique works to hydrate the hair and the product is aloe based, which also helps to hydrate. Within a matter of minutes, Jeorge was able to transform our editor Brigitte. Our guest of the evening included Alexandra Kutas, who has wavy hair, and Joerge worked his magic with her hair too.  Check us out with all the curlies :).  Brigitte’s hair was later transformed into a modern day Farrah Fawcett.

HydroHair Launch Paul Terrie Fashiondailymag 1

from the editor: HydroHair is leave-in, restorative formula helps to bring life to frayed hair, and also keeps it in place.  It helps “bounce” the curls back with just shampoo and treatment.  The specially formulated aloe base includes a range of vitamins and minerals that moisturize, repair hair and scalp.  This works wonders with my curl bounce, but my unruly +fine hair needed a little extra hold in the rain.  Don’t be afraid to add your additional product(s) to get the style to stay, especially in windy or rainy weather.  This curly hair product range gives your natural hair texture a boost back to curls,  leaving hair looking more radiant + vibrant, naturally. – brigitte
angus smythe HydroHair Launch Paul Terrie Fashiondailymag 31

Angus Smythe getting the hair do too.

curly hair loving HydroHair commentary by Brigitte Segura, written by Marlon Zepada.

photo credit: @PaulTerrie x @FashionDailyMag.


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