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catching up: GLAMOUR celebrates women of the year

Glamour Magazine 24th Annual Women of the Year Awards were awarded on November 10 in at Carnegie Hall in New York City. The attendees ranged from the likes of supermodels to marine biologists to designers to UN ambassadors. Both Natalia Vodianova and Lupita Nyong’o were given awards to commemorate their achievements this year.

Natalia Vodianova has been awarded the title of Glamour’s 2014 Woman of the Year as “The Voice for Children”.  She grew up under difficult circumstances, living in a working-class neighborhood in Russia with only her mother and autistic little sister with cerebral palsy. After Vodianova became a world-renowned supermodel, she returned to Russia to create the Naked Heart Foundation in 2004, a program which aims in giving back to her community by ensuring that children with special needs can live happily and fulfilled.
“Her work comes from the heart. It’s very rare in any industry to create something that goes back to other people. She’s absolutely relentless in the effort that she’s willing to put in,” – Stella McCartney on Vodianova’s award.
lupita Glamour December Cover-2 copy
Since Naked Heart’s foundation, more than 100 parks and playgrounds have been built, summer camps created, and specialists trained in aiding special needs children.
“Be positive. Don’t dwell on the negative. Move forward into what is next,” – Vodianova.
Natalia Vodianova will remain an inspiration to us all by reminding us that spreading joy and fortune to those in need is good both spiritually and globally.

Lupita Nyong’o was awarded “The Breakthrough” award for her success in redefining beauty and success. After her captivating appearance in 12 Years a Slave and then winning an Academy Award for it, Nyong’o has captured the attention of everyone in Hollywood.  As a child, her mother taught her that kindness, compassion, and respect are true expressions of beauty.

“I’ve heard people talk about images in popular culture changing, and that makes me feel great, because it means that the little girl I was, once upon a time, has an image to instill in her that she is beautiful, that she is worthy—that she can… Until I saw people who looked like me, doing the things I wanted to, I wasn’t so sure it was a possibility. – Nyong’o on The Lupita Effect.

McQueen’s Sarah Burton received “The Visionary” award: Since taking the helm as creative director of Alexander McQueen in 2010, Burton designed Kate Middleton’s wedding gown, was named one of Time’s 100 most influential people in the world, and was appointed an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire by Prince Charles. In 2013 alone, Burton led the Alexander McQueen brand to skyrocketing sales, while the rising tide of her success is helping to lift the British fashion industry.

natalia vodianova glamour women of the year 2014

More women of the year awards:

Chelsea Clinton—The Women’s Champion: Throughout her work at the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, Clinton has championed a seed and fertilizer initiative in Malawi, Rwanda, and Tanzania, and has worked to lower the cost of diarrhea treatments that could save the lives of 170,000 children by 2015. Most recently she’s leading No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project, to advance the full participation of women and girls around the world.

Laverne Cox—The Advocate: Cox has become the face of one of the biggest equality stories of 2014. Her empathetic portrayal of Sophia Burset on the Netflix original series Orange Is the New Black has made her the first openly transgender person to be nominated for an Emmy—and landed her on the cover of Time magazine. She’s producing a documentary on CeCe McDonald, a transgender woman who, after defending herself from an attack, spent 19 months in prison, as well as a documentary for MTV.

Mindy Kaling—The Lady Boss: The Mindy Kaling tribe breaks down like this: more than 2 million viewers of The Mindy Project (the Fox comedy she created, writes, produces, and stars in), over 3 million Twitter followers, and one million–plus Instagram fans. In other words, millions of women feel like Kaling is their BFF.

Samantha Power—The Ambassador: When Samantha Power was a journalist reporting on the war in Bosnia, she realized that documenting the world’s troubles wasn’t enough; she wanted to try to solve them. Now Power, 44, is the United States’ youngest-ever permanent representative to the United Nations during a year when the U.N.’s Security Council held more emergency sessions than it had in the entire 10 years prior.

Robin Roberts—The Survivor: Just two years after America watched the longtime broadcaster (and breast cancer survivor) battle myelodysplastic syndrome, a life-threatening bone marrow disease, the Good Morning America anchor has interviewed one big name after the next, started a new production company, and signed an ABC contract worth a reported $14 million.

Sylvia Earle—The Explorer; Lifetime Achievement Winner: Over the past five decades, legendary oceanographer Sylvia Earle has logged more than 7,000 hours undersea, discovering tens of thousands of species of aquatic life. Even as her eightieth birthday approaches, Earle, who is a National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, continues to spend three months a year on expeditions.

The Bravest Girls in the World:  Glamour honors every girl, everywhere, who defies the odds in order to go to school. By putting their reputation, family, and own life on the line for their education, these winners are brightening everyone’s future—and with support, they can change the world.  Definitely an inspiration, these women get our award for wow.   Catching up: GLAMOUR celebrates women of the year written by Nadia Hartvigsen.

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*Cover photo credit: Tom Munro
*Vodianova photo credit: Pamela Hanson

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