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catching up: 10 minutes with ZAC POSEN

ZAC POSEN: A fearless approach to creating a ‘glamour goddess.’ We sat down with the charismatic golden boy to hear why he believes glamour is the new punk!  Sharing with us his endless passion in creating the magic and his joy within women‘s dressing, we were instantly smitten by the undeniable POSEN charm.  This American designer has the je ne sais quoi and then some..  He remains center stage no matter his travels, whether it be New York, Paris, and now Texas, where we had the pleasure of our 10 minute chat during Fashion Houston on November 13.

Fashiondailymag | Brigitte Segura: Just when we stop talking about you for a second, you come out with something else-from fancy collars to drama dresses. You consistently dazzle us with something fresh- reminding us of why you were put on the map in the first place. We loved the Hollywood Glamour for pre-fall 2012 and Erin O’connor looked amazing in the resort 2013 looks. And for Spring 2013, you stepped out with Naomi Campbell and Coco Rocha. We’ve seen your casual sass with Zspoke and then you have bags, accessories.. We of course love it all ! Now where is the Zac lady going next ?

Zac Posen: Great expression is about diversity- that’s what I truly believe in my heart and when I’m creating it’s just about loving women.  For me, it’s a celebration.. It’s amazing to graciously give the magic, the joy to women with the expression of clothing! That’s my role as a designer and what I hope I can give to the world: Great style | great fashion is ageless- It’s ageless and race-less. 


Our current direction with the collection centers on responsibility with taking American heritage with couture into the future. Most importantly, working with craft. It’s about finding the things that hold it all together:  design concepts: from architecture to anatomy to lines that give flirtation to the body. That’s a big responsibility that I have to myself, the young people that work in my studio, the department stores, and the great American socialites and self-created fashion mavens.

I think in today’s culture, it’s more subversive to dress up and more punk than to dress casually. You’re more of an outsider to dress up and create yourself as a unique creature or creation than dress yourself up into the what I like to call, the “chic banal.” 

ZAC POSEN naomi campbell coco rocha spring 2013 FashionDailyMag

FDM: You did get me there with the word ‘punk’ – Because when I visualize ZAC POSEN, it’s usually glamour- [not punk]!!

ZP: Well, I think that now glamour is punk in a weird way ! it’s so pop culture. On the red carpet that pop culture thing is so far away from the reality of the street, it’s almost more subversive People now have the ability to self-create, which is so great about American fashion. I’m a self-creation. If you have drive and you want to make a your own look or image, you can create your dream.

FDM: But you have to have some talent…

ZP: Absolutely !  You need talent. You have to be born with it, [and] you have to craft, and you have to work really hard.

FDM: True ! Where do you see the Houstonian woman fit in with the Zac Posen point of view?

ZP:  I think there’s a huge market here in Houston,  because of the city’s different elements. My experience here in Houston has been viewing a lot of special couture gowns and suiting over the years and I think that’s very exciting. There are great American families and couture collectors here that have a long history of cultivating fashion in Houston. From the de Menil family having the first American Couturier Charles James do their interior decorating … to the Schlumberger[s] to the Sarofim[s] to Becca Cason Thrash. Becca  has now become a Global representative for Texas, Houston, and also fashion. I loved seeing her in the “Secret World of Haute Couture” documentary.

FDM: It’s wonderful that you’re an American Designer and to be at a high level [of design] and here and available to us.

ZP: I’m really proud of the team I work with, and it’s truly a labour of love. When you’re continually in this creative process building these kinds of pieces to this level, you have to love it every day. I hope that this love goes into every piece. I try to have that in my studio life every day and that passion transition fully into the sewer’s hand, then into production, the seller, the store, and finally into the woman’s life where you can create something timeless!  Again, the joy of women and dressing.

Interview with ZAC POSEN: Brigitte Segura, written by Mary A. Anderson. Fashion Houston Photos: Jay Marroquin

Zac Posen | Naomi Campbell | Coco Rocha at ZAC POSEN spring 2013 photos by Mike Coppola | Getty Images for MB


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