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CASHMERE refresh after NYFW

From the editor: While speed strolling in the snow during a busy fashion week recently, the mild sprinkles of snow found their way to many of my favorite wools and cashmeres-and left the not so favorable “wet” scent behind.   As someone that’s super sensitive to scent, I try to avoid the synthetic dry cleaning.fragrance- especially on my favorite winter staples.  So, here’s what I did to refresh the favorite cashmeres without the major hassle.

brigitte segura fw16 NYFW FashionDailyMag 2 copy

A few years ago while visiting family in the burbs, I tried out Dryel : an at-home dry cleaning remedy for the first time. I threw in a few test pieces in the bag, and after a 30 minute drying cycle, voila! fresh scent and fluffy freshened sweaters.  The at-home cleanser did the job!  Easy to use: 15 minutes,to refresh, 30 minutes for a deep clean.brigitte segura fw16 NYFW FashionDailyMag

Though I still prefer to manually do laundry + the dryel job while visiting in the burbs, I refreshed my favorite cashmeres after NYFW at the local NYC laundromat’s dryer.  You can put a couple of items with similar colors at a time in the handy drycleaner bag, but I prefer to put large items like a coat by itself.  No synthetic scent or drycleaning bill, and all fresh in a New York hour.


Here’s part of my snow day outfit during NYFW fw16 shows in february.

#OOTD: cashmere blend coat by stella mccartney, titanium jacket @columbia1938, leggings  @benononsense, boots x @ghbass #mybass

CASHMERE refresh after NYFW commentary by Brigitte Segura, written by Marlon Zepeda.

Special thanks to @ashley_adie for the snap.

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