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For the ART of it! Russell King, known for his street art in the city, is coming indoors to give us a glimpse of his new work. RUSSELL KING x DESTROY REBUILD is launching at SoHo’s YGallery Salon Friday Oct. 17th. Nicole Gordon Levine is bringing her knack of street art + beauty together in a celebration of NYC young talent.

“Standing beside me and seeing what I see. I have been posting so many wonderful artists’ work and sometimes I know one can feel overwhelmed at times by my artistic posts but I wanted you to come see the world with me. There is beauty everywhere and I find different categories of beauty merging more and more as I look around my city. With that being noted…” -NGL

russell king x destroy rebuild FashionDailyMag feature 2

from the editor: Nicole and I, passionate fans of beauty and skin care, met a few years ago at fashion + beauty events we were both attending. I noticed her intense interest in street art on her instagram, and after asking about it a while back, she replied, “let’s take a walk downtown soon!”. That day came last month, and Nicole and I took a walk downtown from Chelsea to SoHo, where she introduced me to all the art surrounding us. Yes, those scraps and stickers and ads and graffiti in the city – who did it, their style, their passion. This girl knew the art and the artists behind the work – the stories of how, when, and the drama within their community. Of course I was wondering why I didn’t know about them – a lot of fashion seemed inspired by this sort of art… Nicole introduced me to Russell – I was smitten by his reserved intellect, inspiration, and art – and this is how this awesome collaboration came about.

in Nicole’s words:

“I am curating my first show thanks to passion, persistence and a great team to work with. The YGallery Salon offered me their walls and I went straight to the streets to find artists to fill them. I decided to showcase one artist at a time to give them their own 15 minutes as they certainly deserve it. My dear friend had shown me these incredibly beautiful portraits around the city and outer boroughs and I decided to reach out to the artist to see if he or she, as they are generally anonymous, were interested in showing in a beautiful salon. Not an art gallery alone per se but YGallery Salon in Soho. A lot of street artists don’t want to be in galleries as they view the street as their gallery. Russell King said yes as he was intrigued by the setting. I had seen his work in Soho with another wonderful artist, Matt Siren, yet didn’t want to tell him what to put on the walls. We did meet, and yes, I had no idea of his age, race, nothing previously but a voice to recognize him by. We then peaked into the space together along with their Brand Director|Social Strategist and my personal friend Brigitte Segura (Fashion Daily Mag ) and that is when I saw the artist working to determine what piece would go where. I loved the way he spread his arms to figure out measurements!”

.. and hence, this amazing collab came about, and is here to share! We hope you join us in celebrating Art in the city: RUSSELL KING x DESTROY REBUILD at Ygallery Salon Soho. Russell’s work is available to view and purchase too, with his opening slotted for Friday October 17, 2014 from 7 to 9pm. Press preview is at 6:30. Please join us! ARTSY bits: RUSSELL KING x DESTROY REBUILD written by Brigitte Segura.

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photos: courtesy of Russell King
please credit RUSSELL KING x DESTROY REBUILD if you share imagery.

Ygallery Salon | fashionable hair + ART

180 Lafayette st. | broome | SoHo

212 680 0117

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