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Spring Beauty: energized with scents of agraria

The refreshing scent of spring is [finally] in the air- at least today. San Francisco originated Agraria has been providing us with raw and energetic spring-inspired products since the 70’s. With the unique combos of essential oils and extracts used, they are able to create product lines with uplifting and exuberant fragrant properties.  One of our favorite fragrances (that is not too girly) is the Lemon Verbena that comes in a  wide range of products that mixes the zesty oils with aromas of rose, jasmine and a touch of Caribbean Lime.  We’ve picked a products designed to get you clean, and energize your spirit into spring.

To lather away the dullness of dry skin, the Lemon Verbena Bath & Shower Gel concentrated with nutrient properties that have been fragrant-enriched with mint balm, black walnut, burdock, calendula, chamomile, cranesbill, lemon peel, sage and aloe vera. The Hand & Body Lotion is specifically created to help skin nutriate and absorb moisture, the Lemon Verbena helps keep you soft all over by creating velvet soft feel due to extracts of marine algae and rmoillient and Vitamin E.

AGRARIA spring fresh fragrance soaps and lotion

Another favorite scent (and one of)  Giorgio Armani‘s Favorites, Bitter Orange, a collaboration of complex yet subtle Bitter Orange fragrance with a touch of Cypress, which also comes in a variety of products.  We liked the Hand Soap that keeps reminding us of a hint of spring with each silky-smooth wash, keeping your hands both clean and moisturized.  Liven up your senses with the best of Agraria’s spring scents for everyday. Written by Julia Paulescu.


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