All about white fashion

A little classic gets an edge:  Introducing LA TERRE EST FOLLE,   an artisan collection of layers.  Fusing the versatile white t-shirt + its functional (and unpretentious) sex appeal with multiple textures + fabrics, the multi layered collection is a wearable white chic for fashion loving women + men.

Referencing the juncture between sports and street-wear and tempered by the purity of white and transparency… here’s a sneak peek of what LTF we loved, coming soon to Dubaï FW.

 a little classic gets an edge: All about white layers LA TERRE EST FOLLE | LTF commentary + selects by Brigitte Segura.
about: LA TERRE EST FOLLE | LTF is an artisan brand producing limited edition furniture pieces and a clothing line, crafted in Beirut.

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