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I heard the news today, oh boy – [FRENCH melons?]

I heard the news today, oh boy – [FRENCH melons?]

I heard the news today, oh boy – [FRENCH melons?]:brigitte segura+ sarah freiseis

[Not just another melon] – this one’s grown in the SOUTH of FRANCE…

Apparently, melons from this region stay plump a little longer [than the market variety]…

smiles aside, and now graduating to ANTIOXIDENTS at a higher level, the [French] have done it again… a new ‘attack mode’ on anti-aging

ISOCELL laboratoires Paris, [a leading dermatological firm specializing in anti-aging solutions] has designed GLISODiN NUTRICOSMETICS, merging the worlds of dermatology + nutrition. The [Glisoden] solutionists created an ingestible supplement with a mélange of ‘zee’ hearty melons + natural ingredients promoting healthy long-term benefits. The ADF –[Daily skin formula]– is like your daily vitamin for the skin- designed to rejuvenate skin and refine lines, complimenting your daily beauty regime. The potent antioxidents + omega 3’s in this formula help provide structure to firm and strenghthen skin; the Krill oil hydrates, making your skin SOFTER than just using creams and lotions alone, giving a “baby your skin looks GOOD” healthier glow….

The [BRIGHTENING skin formula] evens out skin tone and gives an overall “brightened” look. Ingredients like borage seed oil, lycopene + citrus bioflavonoids are formulated to protect against photo-aging and designed to minimize inflammation, redness and dark ‘spots’ helping your skin recover and heal faster –[especially after aesthetic treatments].


The [Advanced DETOX Formula]- recommended as a 2-week option to help ‘jump start’ the absorption of the nutrient benefits contained in the supplements. A power COMBO of the special melons, berries, chardonnay grapes, and broccoli- [more than you would ever want to eat]- to help ‘cleanse’ your body of toxins. Taken 2x a day, a [painless] berry drink helps get rid of blemishes and dull skin and prepares you for more radiant skin –with a HEALTHY maintenance option.

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