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ELLERY spring 2015 PFW

ELLERY spring 2015 PFW

Fashion from down under created a thought-provoking appeal as Australian designer, Kym Ellery, designed an attention-grabbing ELLERY spring 2015 collection during Paris Fashion Week. Toned down in color, voluminous shapes and textures was what really put the collection out there. It’s clean and simplistic without being underwhelming.

Here’s a stunning view from the runway, BTS, backstage and front row shot by Sam Hendel, Sonny Vandevelde, Jake Terrey, Dominique Maitre and Remi Procureur. More here.

A tweed ensemble with mesh undershirt exemplified both interesting construction and vivid texture. Ellery stuck with a lean silhouette but the looks were neither boring nor repetitive. Though some pieces could’ve benefitted from a little more structure, a shifty fit still flattered the movement of the garments. Gathered excessive fabric that was consistent throughout most pieces created a very flowy, almost freeform ruched texture that caused the light sheen of the fabric to reflect beautifully. Crossed sleeves also offered a unique design.

Ellery additionally ventured to reinvent formal wear. Trousers paired with loosely fit, fringey tops provided a fresh outlook on this concept, especially when it was inverted. A fringey pair of trousers with a more structured jacket. The idea was risky, maybe even lacked solidity, but the risk was taken and out of it came a collection that provided both elegance and straightforwardness. ELLERY spring 2015 PFW selects + edits by Brigitte Segura, written by Andrea Porro.

photo credits:

Sam Hendel

Sonny Vandevelde

Jake Terrey

Dominique Maitre

Remi Procureur

(FashionDailyMag edits)

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