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Brigitte Segura Bio

Brigitte Segura Bio

Brigitte Segura Bio + Mission Statement

With a brazen eye and colorful approach, Brigitte Segura captures audience attention…and keeps it. She is a Multi-Platform influencer and Brand Strategist known for her ability to solve problems and transform brands with a curative eye and strategic direction and performance driven produced initiatives in fashion, beauty, art, wellness and luxury lifestyle.

Creating a collection of messages in an artful, relevant manner has kept Brigitte as a vanguard of innovation and brand strategy design for two decades.

Brigitte is an unparalleled force with a bubbly personality who identifies, defines and aggregates trends, captivating the attention internationally with visual curation and art direction. By taking visual cues from her environment, she transforms the setting into captivating and expressive storytelling,  inspiring the mood with videos, photos, and stopmotions of models, accented with words, details, and scenes that enlighten the mood, and inspire people to keep talking about the topic.

With 5 million combined monthly impressions on her platforms, Brigitte has mastered a diversified social media network for her brand and own social media portfolio. She weaves her keen business acumen with a casual approachability throughout the voice for her own empires, and dozens of Fortune 500 companies, including 15 years at GLG as a premiere expert on luxury, fashion, and consumer goods.

To her, luxury lifestyle is more than an aspirational mindset. It’s the bold backbone of culture, sending waves of influence to a yearning youth or a seasoned professional. One phrase or one moment can shape a movement, invite an action and multiply sales exponentially.

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What sets Brigitte Segura apart from other creatives is her data-driven approach.

With a foundation in computer programming, she understands how to architect a brand infrastructure on a macro-level, supported by market, that can foster a grander vision of the company as it unfolds.

Whether it is assessing industry competition, developing a business launch or directing specific layouts, the project is approached with both calculated precision and whimsical flair.

Combining her global perspective and ability to cultivate loyal followings, Brigitte develops blueprints to amplify American and European lux brands. She seamlessly integrates with all stages of design and production teams with a 360 degree approach from blank page onto the runway and throughout each marketing achievement.

Brigitte thrives being in action, expertly planning prior to execution and maintaining an even and consistent design and message. She is known for her full concepts and flawless delivery systems, working within the highest levels at a company so her work can be instituted companywide. Her top level structures birth new divisions and repair broken ones.

Fluent in French, English and Armenian, Brigitte has worldly vision with the ability to execute a strategy down to the smallest details. With her keen eye and delicate delivery systems, Brigitte elevates brand perception and develops an international dialogue tailored to her clients’ target audience.


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