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WAKE up an OVERNIGHT sensation… 2-step BEAUTies to GLOW

get a MORNING smile + call ita temporary fix, sans the DERMO touch-up- these WONDER products show a difference almost immediately! by  brigitte segura …FORGOT the make-up on last night? feeling DULL + dehydrated -there’s still hope, even right before work… fdm :  the 2-step OVERNIGHT Sensations: the comebackJulia Restoin Roitfeld in London: WAKE up an OVERNIGHT SENSATION  on FDM photo Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images for De Beers

♦ the WONDER peels… 5 minutes or less

TAMMY FENDER- TAMMY FENDER-NATURAL POWER ENERGY Holistic and custom blended formulations: step 1: Epi-Peel Formula No. E-517- effectively removes accumulation of dead skin cells, refines skin pores while polishing and brightening skin tone-Moroccan rosemary, orange hips, lemongrass and lavender

step 2: Quintessential Serum Formula No. QS-9 – we prefer this on at night, and your skin really DOES get a superdose of MOISTURE and ‘weatherproofs’ the skin.. gamma oils + vitamins in a concentrated treatment to restore + rejuvinate +  with sunflower, avocado, rose, chamomile and rosemary oils, ALL certified organic…

♦ the SMOOTHovers polish a load off the years –

with a little ALGAE help to replace the lost essential minerals and FLAVONOIDs too:

step 1 VISALGUE ALGODERMIA CREMA GOMMAGE – a soft smoothing masque of luxury and indulgence… step 2: SPA technologies MARINE REPAIR cream and alternate OR  KORRES night cream with  FLAVONOID Quercetin

a REVITALIZing extra always helps:  if you have too much on, wipe off excess withVOTRE vu gentle tonic: with aromatic fleurs  blanc fragrance with that takes you right back toPARIS… a perfect touch-up AM+PM.. antiOXIDIZING

WAke up SO beautiful:
the antiOXIDIzing team is fights the SUN damage :  LAVIDO EXCLUSIVE

from the Jezreel Valley, Israel: totally natural cosmetic products available exclusively in the US at THOMPSONchemists step 1: LAVIDO pomegranate facial scrub step 2: LAVIDO  anti aging cream, BOTH available exclusively at THOMPSON CHEMISTS  soho NYC: 212 598 9790

the BALANCEd SOOThers:

Oh, honey, did you get a rash,  you didn’t read the instructions?

PATRICIA WEXLER the acclaimed dermatological surgeon featured in New Yorkmagazine’s “Best Doctors” issues, has refinished, refined, and reshaped the faces and bodies of so many… now brings us a combo fixes the OOPS from using harsh and restores balance and gets rid of the red, quick…skin SOOThers: wake up less red and blotchy!Patricia Wexler M.D. for SENSITIVE skin: STEP 1: MMPi-20 COMFORTING & RENEWING SERUM STEP 2: CALMING ANIT-AGING MOISTURIZER-MMPi-20 rapidly repair past skin damage, this combo really gets your skin BACK to health quickly after irritaion too… clove and cinnamon fruit extracts, green tea leaf extract and oat protein.


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