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HOW does the FRENCH [silhouette] look so GOOD?

Here’s what just might do the trick [and get you spring ready] by: brigitte segura

They may be obsessive about what they eat, but (they) are NOT obsessive about exercising – at all… So how do French women look so good and shapely? OK, so they eat smaller portions, and watch what they eat… have you seen what they eat? butter, cheese, meat, eggs and lots of baguettes, croissants and chocolate. So what’s their secret, how do they ‘garde la ligne’ (keep the silhouette); there’s got to be a catch somewhere…

[though we may not want to admit it] …for the Frenchies, skin care is taken very seriously, even at a young age: the entire body; not just the face, (and that includes) the legs, butt, stomach and bust… LUCKY for us, les ‘institutes de beauté’ have arrived (to the US) with their bag of tricks. Thanks to fierce competition in making women look beautiful, some innovative new products are in the running: designed to tone, shape, and combat cellulite… with [new] options for a more flattering view…

ORLANE has received the 2009 L’OFFICIEL slimming body care award, and created a regime to target ‘zones’ specifically. Made from [seaweed + caffeine], the [GEL MINCEUR] simulates a ‘fasting’ effect on fat cells while eliminating toxins that slim the thighs and buttocks; the [SOS abdomen] cream stimulates (and deflates) our ‘non-active’ abdomen area AND counteracts PMS bloating + water retention; the [CRÈME BUSTE] gives us a perk by enhancing the cleavage.

For an aromatic lift, DECLEOR has created an au naturelle toning experience made with delicious-smelling pure essential oils that work together in layers (for the entire body) and are safe to use during pregnancy… the [PERFECT SCULPT COLLECTION] is designed to revitalize and lift aging skin (or after dieting). The [SCULPT BAUME] strengthens and maintains tone + texture; the [STRETCH MARK RESTRUCTURING GEL-CREAM] restructures the skin while smoothing existing skin (flaws) and helps prevent future stretchmarks…

GUINOT has developed a 1-step [double-minceur] concentrated product made of [amino + hydrocitric acid & caffeine] to ‘spot treat’ and attack cellulite, SCULPTing the body shape with visible results starting in just 2 weeks.

[feel-good] and PERK UP ur BODY [without the 6 am workout]; take a little longer getting ready and GET OVER cellulite with innovative options all women (and not just models) should know about… LET it BE your feminine secret weapon for a smooth and (more) shapely derrière

ORLANE gel minceur $150; SOS abdomen $80; crème buste $85 available at; DECLEOR perfect sculpt $88; baume sculpt $54 ; tonilastil $50 at; GUINOT double minceur ciblée, $52;


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