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first AID Kit FIT for the WORLD traveler

the feel-GOOD series: Here we are in the new world of… planes, trains and buses.  We are traveling more than ever despite the sad recession, and so are our microscopic neighbors. It’s bug season at any given time somewhere in the world, and  an open war on germs needs to be a part of your well planned travel kit.  Here are 5 or so items that I bring when I travel, and I suggest that all you happy travelers do the same! – by Dr. Susan Eisen, DC*

DREAMING by PatrickDeWarren in FIRST AID kit for the world traveler on FashionDailyMag

photo: dreaming byPatrickDeWarrenFDM loves: fashion + beauty +lifestyle in LUXchic… HOW-to:

1. Arnica montana – a homeopathic anti-inflammatory. It comes in different strengths for different purposes to take by mouth like Advil, as well as in a topical gel for all aches and pains. 200 ck for acute trauma, 30 c for generalized aches and 6 c for localized aches (like knee pain). I always recommend BOIRON since it has the best quality control and assurance in the industry. I also recommend throwing in an ibuprophen product (ADVIL/MOTRIN) of your choice for good measure but honestly (and I have years and stacks of patient approvals)… the natural homeopathic works better and is non-GMO for all of you organic eaters in the house.

2. Oscillococcinum – also by BOIRON is a fantastic and INEXPENSIVE flu remedy because somewhere in the world the flu bug is wreaking havoc. Rest assured that this is as effective for the SWINE flu as it is for any garden variety Type A or Type B influenza. Just remember that you must take it the minute you feel the symptoms of flu for about a dollar a dose.

3. rubbing  Alcohol (in an itty bitty spray bottle) – to spray your dirty feet, icky plane seats and etc.

4. Lavender Aromatherapy – A great holistic therapy that helps with burns and insect bites. A definite necessity.

5. Band-Aids – of course! Waterproof recommended. Best stick? Nexcare

and a ZIP lock Bag – why? Carry it on the plane in case you need a quick ice pack or anywhere on your trek, on and off road!

*Dr. Susan Eisen is a holistic chiropractor practicing in the Flatiron District of NYC. She has been writing about food and other holistic health concerns for 3 years on various national blogs and has been involved with NY Fashion Week since 1998 working backstage as a health consultant in the pre-show frenzy. She is also the most googled chiropractor in NYC.


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