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F pour BONPOINT dapper kids accessories

REFINED ideal for fabulous occasions, Maison F has created neckwear for the boys exclusively for Bonpoint.   Reinventing elegant accessories for the little guys, the collection consists of 5 ties and 5 bowties.   The maison F x BONPOINT Bowtie: The ready-tied fancy accessory clips onto a magnetically adjustable neckband, and comes in textured silks as well as chambray cotton. the F pour Bonpoint Tie is 3cm-wide silk tie with squared ends to be knotted singularly or with one or two more ties to your liking.

f pour bonpoint kids ties and bowties FashionDailyMag loves

To make life a little easier for the parents, f pour bonpoint bowtie box set was created for the occasion: a magnetically adjustable neckband and 3 magnetic bowties in polka dot silk twill, checked silk jacquard and navy blue raw silk.  the Box itself is made from thick organic paper designed to accompany sweet occasions in a little person’s life.

Founded in 2011 the Maison F is the first ever French luxury house devoted exclusively to ties, bowties and cravats. In the brand’s Paris-based studio French weavers and tailors all contribute to the excellence of the hand-made collections. Maison F’s reputation is built on a quality and service that is nothing short of perfect. Its founder and artistic director François-Régis Laporte has revisited the essentials of a gentleman’s wardrobe with his own creative, modern and functional approach. Major names in fashion, including Michael Bastian, and the film industry have already called upon the services of Maison F for co-branding and the red carpet appearances.

ABOUT BONPOINT: Bonpoint is the French fashion house for children, rich in the savoir-faire of a couture house, thanks to its artisan studios in Paris, Bonpoint cultivates the precision of beauty, the passion for quality and a meticulous attention to detail and finishing. A unique destination with its spot-on style, poetic universe tinged with humour and magic, inspired window displays and the warm atmosphere of its boutiques and flagship stores in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris and on Madison Avenue in New York.


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