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BEAUTY RESOLUTIONS: essential shock intense face care

Experience something intense for your skin this summer! Three steps from Natura Bisse’s Essential Shock Intense Line to improve and restore of a “youthful profile.” These wonder products target mature skin, to lift and contour while nourishing and “super” hydrating the skin. The Essential Shock Intense Lip & Eye Cream, Serum, and Intense Cream.

With an extensive knowledge about collagen and elastin amino acids, Ricardo Fisas Mulleras founded NATURA BISSÉ in 1979 launching 5 exclusive creams, with ESSENTIAL SHOCK CREAM among these (5) initial creams. After more than 30 years since it was first introduced, NATURA BISSÉ’s laboratories relaunched one of its iconic collections to combat the skin aging caused by our own body’s biological clock called the ESSENTIAL SHOCK INTENSE LINE for mature skin.

The range is targeted to restore many essential elements that have been lessened due to hormonal changes in the skin. The result of this reformulation is an “intense” line that recovers a young hormonal profile and provides benefits to the skin through revolutionary key complexes: Proteoglycan-Derma Complex and Aminoessence Cocktail. Here are the 3 products we recommend:

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Eyes + Lips: The Essential Shock Intense Lip & Eye Cream reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with micro lifting action, and increases the production of collagen reversing the look of aging. You can feel the instant dose of moisture immediately after applying to the under eye area. Though the same product can be used to smooth the lips too, we prefer the texture just for the under eye area.

Face: The essential shock intense cream contains SPF 15 and a delicious pineapple scent for luminous, smooth and hydrated skin all day. For even stronger resistance against wrinkles, using the anti-aging serum in combination with the cream intensifies the positive results. The products used over time help improve skin function and help reconstruct the deepest layers of skin with “increased production of collagen and elasticity” to reverse the look of aging.

The Essential Shock Intense Cream packs an anti-aging punch for extremely dry skin with a rich formula to repair and restore the look of mature skin. Unlike most creams, the range not only does it minimize fine lines and wrinkles, but also helps compensate for hormonal deficiencies. Supple, more youthful, and radiant skin leaves any woman feeling more beautiful,  available starting August 1, 2014. BEAUTY RESOLUTIONS: essential shock face care written by Brigitte Segura + Nadia Hartvigsen.

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