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Versus x K-Way collaboration

Versus x K-Way collaboration

We’re digging the limited edition runs of designer collaborations. The Versus italian label launched back in 1989 as a a gift from the founder Gianni Versace to his sister Donatella, who now heads the  Versace empire. Versus has teamed up with outerwear company K-Way for a special a special one-off collaboration.

VERSUS X KWAY accessories | FashionDailyMag

Pop fashion gets an upscale take on function to create a unique look. Imagine the K-way zip-up jacket with a touch of Versus Versace added to the design. Sounds like a dream, right? The two European brands have come together to create the perfect zip-up jacket. It’s covered on one side in a black-and-white optical print in windproof lightweight fabric from collection. The reverse side is black, made from waterproof, windproof and breathable Nylon Plus with heat-sealed seams. With full zip openings, the two brands logo is displayed on both sides of the jacket. There even add-on that rock with K-Way Ipad case that also features the recognizable design available in black print with logos while maintaining performance measures in resistance and waterproofing.

“I love the Versus Versace and K-way collaboration, because Versus Versace lives on the street. The jacket and iPad case are an amazing new way to get the Versus Versace look, and to bring attitude and energy to everyday essentials,” says Donatella Versace. The collaboration offers as a forefront displaying the essence of designer teams mixing their visions with their design values within the collection of a single brand. VERSUS x k-way written by Natalie Barry.

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