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Versace Spring 2014 MFW

Versace Spring 2014 MFW

Hard rock is in the air this season! Versace‘s Spring 2014 collection is like an ode to the days of groupies and rock ‘n roll. Designer Donatella Versace‘s gravitating more towards street wear the past few seasons, a transitioning change that has been rocking. Sexy cuts, lots of leather and plenty of attitude are all things that make this brand Versace. But don’t be fooled there’s plenty of fantastic formal goodies in this set too.

VERSACE Spring 2014 fashiondailymag sel 30

The first two looks, black denim with raffia skirts, were girly with some edge. The studded embellishments added the ‘bad girl’ bite that goes hand in hand with the brand. Tight skinny jeans with embossed leather detailing (often florals) were beyond red hot. Color-splashed prints were fun on dresses with some black chunky accessories. In fact, a black buckled belt appeared on many of the looks, adding all the right kind of bold flavor. A favorite has to be a pair of black jeans with a stellar cut-out floral design on the left leg. As the model strutted, it looked like a tattoo sweeping up and down. Such a knockout detail.

As for the gowns, they stayed gorgeous in baby blue, lilac, and pale yellow hues, soft yet fierce. Model Lindsey Wixson closed out the show in a revealing black cut-out number. A daring ensemble for those red-carpet frequenters. It’ll be the talk of the town this Awards Season. fdmLOVES VERSACE Spring 2014 selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Allison Ripa.

more pics to come.

(Photos: Alessandro Lucioni | IMAXTREE | Fashionwirepress)

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