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Truly ZAC POSEN Bridal Spring 2015

Truly ZAC POSEN Bridal Spring 2015

Virtually every woman, given the choice, would want to be a June bride. But being married in June would seem like the smallest periphery when one would also happen to be dressed by the one and only Zac Posen. In his Spring 2015 collection, he encapsulates his unique vision through fabric once again, cementing his dream designer status. This collection sees a continuation of his successful partnership with retailer David’s Bridal, also responsible for the introduction of Posen’s first-ever bridal line.

Very Zac Posen are the very feminine frills that serve as the highlighting detail of most of the otherwise simple dresses. Color us amazed at said element making it all the way to the floor in one piece, doubling as an elegant train that’s sure to make its wearer feel like a royal. Consistent in this particular collection is the playful yet still very much occasion-appropriate neckline, which again has the designer’s signature style all over the beautiful dresses. Subtle floral patterns fulfill both the spring and feminine vibe effortlessly, making for a stunning, overall aesthetic to any bride-to-be or bride wannabe.

Amid the pastel motif of the collection, easily standing out is the teal gown that will elicit a sly smile of approval from Bette Davis’ Margo Channing in All About Eve. FDM envisions any blushing bride owning the aisle she’ll walk wearing any of Posen’s classy creations. The best part? This David’s Bridal exclusive also happens to be wallet-friendly.

fdmLOVES Truly ZAC POSEN Bridal Spring 2015 selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Paul Cenizal.

(Photos by Janez Jeretic for FashionDailyMag Exclusive)

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