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The Art Institute of New York City Spring 2014

The Art Institute of New York City Spring 2014

After months of preparation some of the Art Institute of New York strongest students and recent graduates watched as their beautifully crafted pieces walked down the runway. As anxious and excited as the audience was, it’s hard to imagine that it even compared to emotions that the designers felt. We watched ten well executed collections trek down a bold red runway.

The show gave us some sort of a progression taking ensembles that were easily ready to wear to amazing pieces with intricate details and marvelous head pieces. The story that we experienced was coherent and entertaining. Being as they were students, one could assume that the show wouldn’t compare to the others at Lincoln Center, but youthful talent was refreshing and inspiring to say the least. With all of the talent that flocks to this magical city it’s no surprise that we got a glimpse at some rising stars.

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The Art Institute of New York City is no stranger to cultivating upcoming talent and creating a well-deserved space for them to reveal what they‘ve been doing to an excited audience. At the end of the show, each of the designers proudly walked to meet one of their models and had an opportunity to bask in the spotlight some young designers never get to claim. fdmLOVES THE ART INSTITUTE OF NYC spring 2014 written by Lauren M. Watts.

Photos: Elvia Gobbo

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