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Tammy Fender luxury organic summer skin care

Tammy Fender luxury organic summer skin care

Calling for a different approach when it comes to skin care in rising temperatures. Find the perfect balance of protection and functionality with Tammy Fender,  creator of essential holistic beauty regimens. Developed into a two step process with a unique blend for mega moisture these products are ideal for those of us spending our summers soaking up the sun.

TAMMY FENDER organic summer skin care

The first step is the Antioxidant Crème, a blend of botanical-derived butters that have natural SPF. Not only can it be used during the day as sun protection, but it can also be used as a night cream to balance your complexion and nourish skin. Made with key ingredients from Neroli, a plant oil produced from the blossom of a bitter orange tree, and Orange, this crème delivers a fresh and citrusy scent in a loose and luxurious texture. Though the Antioxidant Crème provides you with SPF, sometimes a sunburn is inevitable. Fender has taken care of you on that front too, with step two of her summer skincare regimen, the Roman Chamomile Tonic. This tonic, with origins from ancient healing remedies for dry skin, hydrates and repairs even the worst of sunburns. In addition to easing the discomfort of a sunburn, this formula heals other blemishes and even minimizes the appearance of scars. Soothing chamomile is gentle even with the most sensitive skin, making this a must-have for all skin types. Get enjoy the sunshine while you protect yourself the natural way. Luxury organic skin care by Tammy Fender written by Cameron Hull.

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