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REACH COMPLETE CARE floss brush to go

REACH COMPLETE CARE floss brush to go

Smiles are contagious and you’ll want yours to be white and bright when you pass it on. Taking care of those chompers is important! Especially while traveling,  it’s important to have a solid toothbrush on board. The LOVE? The Complete Care Triple Angle Floss brush is  a great toothbrush to pick up when you’re not reaching for your electric brush or when you’re getting ready to hit the road for a few days.

The Floss brush gets into those little nooks and crannies in between teeth, and the soft bristles also give your gums a good massage so your entire mouth feels nice after brushing. The handle comes with a triple angled neck that makes it easier to get into hard to reach areas which is what you want if you’re looking to keep bad breath away. The perfect substitute with its lightweight handle and all-over clean flossing bristles. The Pro brush has triple angle bristles and cleans better that the typical brush, in case the floss isn’t your fancy.

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If you’re giving  your electric toothbrush a rest for travel and picking one up locally, we recommend the floss brush from Reach. Great for everyday use or to keep in handy as a travel brush.  Not exactly a sub for flossing, but your teeth will feel a bit extra clean! REACH COMPLETE CARE floss brush written by Andrea Porro.

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