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Rag and Bone Menswear spring 2014

Rag and Bone Menswear spring 2014

Designers David Neville and Marcus Wainwright presented a dark and mysterious mix for their Rag and Bone Menswear spring 2014 collection in London. Showing again that the spring/summer season doesn’t automatically mean bright colors and prints, and this line personifies what the look of the brand is really all about. Almost every piece incorporates a black or gray shade that looks more daring than drab. Tall, dark, hot- perfect for the guys.

RAG AND BONE spring 2014 mens fashiondailymag sel 2

Usually sticking to typical English fabrics, the designers incorporated a taste of Asia with their take on Japanese sashiko fabric. They also used different textile amplifiers like thick-cotton washed with salt and another that was covered with Teflon. Unconventional methods straight from the supplies in your kitchen…culinary chic! There’s also a definite military influence floating around in this line. Cargo pants galore look like they were born for the runway instead of the base. One of our favorites was the white on white (just above) with Arthur Gosse walking.

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Halfway through the collection there’s an awesome assortment of navy pieces including a navy blazer that’s paired with a black zip-up shirt. The zipper itself looks like a shimmering skinny tie. We even see a quick flash of rich blue in the buttoned jacket and pants. Looks sizzling paired with the camo green. Brooding, mystifying fdmLOVES RAG AND BONE menswear spring 2014 selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Allison Ripa.

Photos by Alessandro Lucioni | Fashion Wire Press

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