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RAD Unisex Classics by Rad Hourani

RAD Unisex Classics by Rad Hourani

Here’s a look at the new launch of  Unisex Classics by Rad Hourani mens fall 2014. Like its name, this line ignores gender roles when it comes to fashion, and infuses both male and female styles into one unique line. In these black and white shots by designer Rad himself, our model muse Olivier S. is mysterious and brooding in these fantastic duds. Handsome and intriguing.

RAD CLASSIC UNISEX fashiondailymag sel 9

From hoodies to coats to even free-flowing shirts resembling dresses, this is most definitely a line for an adventurous kind of guy. It’s a new age and this is a new kind of fashion world, one that squashes binary gender roles. If ladies can wear pants, who says guys can’t slip on something flowly over their skinny jeans? Not only are the clothes rockin’, the footwear is also to die for. With slicked back hair and a pout with chiseled features, this model is all sorts of androgynous chic. There’s a good chance you’ll fall in love with these pieces.

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 The light and dark contrast in these looks are perfect, especially with the stark white backdrop. Slip on a wool coat or take it off to reveal a simple white T. These aren’t basic pieces. They’re constructed with a creative mind and spirit. And guys, life’s too short to not try something new. fdmLOVES RAD UNISEX CLASSICS by Rad Hourani mens Paris selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Allison Ripa.


Photography & Styling: Rad Hourani

Hair: Andrew Ly

Make-up: Luc Bouchard for MAC

Model: Olivier S.

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