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POLISH + Co. GLAMOUR for the nails

POLISH + Co. GLAMOUR for the nails

New York Fashion Week is racing to greet us, but before you move in for your first bissous of the season, take a moment to imagine a glamour beyond the runway’s — a glamour defined by drawls and balls and gents and belles. Well, shucks, honey, we’re talking about the pageantry of the Deep South. Behold this charming, Southern born-and-bred nail polish line by POLISH & CO.

Yes, this fall you can paint, preen and pretend you’re Scarlett O’Hara without foresaking your closet of couture for… curtains. (Quelle horreur!) The North Carolina company’s 22 shades include jewel tones, pastels, and a beigey yellow, sassily titled Honey Please, that promises to pair well with autumnal charcoal grays, navys and burgundys. The line’s got a bit of a diva edge, too — the poppy-red Location Location Location is divine for indulging your inner Blanche Dubois.  Written by Rebecca Santiago

Each polish is inexpensive at $12 a pop, but some shades look particularly expensive, like Eggplant Parmesan, a rich plum, or Too Shy, a velvety taupe. Go for those to channel the vibe of a debutante ball, because, darling, that’s when you need to look like a million bucks all over; impeccable nails are a must. Oh, and this is a glossy-glossy polish for notice-me nails. Wallflowers need not apply.

As an added bonus, none of their polishes contain harmful chemicals. We still wouldn’t drink it or anything, but admittedly, that’s very eco-chic.

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