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Pillows to cheer: Andrew Yes

Pillows to cheer: Andrew Yes

There’s still some life left in summer, and this DECO just sets the sunny mood. Designer Andrew Yes just recently released his ‘pillow balls‘ (or ball pillows) that are the hottest new decorating essential. These pillows are ultra modern spheres in bright colors and patterns. The inside of them are made out of the material found in “life vests” so, yes, they can actually float! Not only can they decorate your couch, they can become your favorite new pool toy. yay.

Versatile interior decorating? Absolutely yes to Andrew Yes Pillow Collection . We got the new scoop from Natalie Joos‘ ‘Tales Of Endearment.’

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The colors are so vivid on these comfy cozies, they can instantly add some light to a dull room.  Get a designed pop of ‘wow’ that your living quarters may need. It’s not everyday you see ‘moon rock’ designs and metallic prints. These pillows aren’t just circle shaped either. They also come in ottoman and square styles, so mix and matching is encouraged. Plus, they’re quite the conversation piece once you throw them in the pool! Love it.

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The Andrew Yes Collection is on sale now at Barney’s on Madison Avenue and on the designer’s site. Read more about Natalie’s experiences here. Can you say perfect Christmas gift? Get a head-start on your shopping. fdmLOVES ANDREW YES pillow collection written by Allison Ripa.


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