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Parkchoonmoo Fall 2014 NYFW

Parkchoonmoo Fall 2014 NYFW

The Cubism art movement’s alive and well, thanks to the Parkchoonmoo Fall 2014 collection shown during NYFW. Designer Demi Park recently celebrated a quarter century of designing, and channeled some of her biggest successes into this new line. This time, everything has a hint of that avant-garde air typical to that movement. The results are truly lovely. Bold houndstooth makes for the perfect accent pattern on coats while geometric styles are pulled off flawlessly in the majority of outerwear. Cuts are flawless and the angular shape of almost every piece is refreshing.

Parkchoonmoo Fall 2014 NYFW Photo by Andrew Werner fashiondailymagsel 2

We had a chance to take some snaps backstage before the show, seeing all the gorgeous detailing up close. These looks have popped out of canvases and turned themselves into clothes. Walking art? Absolutely. The color palette stays true to form and everything flows into each other like oils. There’s some leather jacket gems that look positively stunning over black mini dresses. High white boots are go-go chic and look super with all-white ensembles on top. A cream and black coat with leather sleeves would fly off the racks in minutes…it’s that on point Really special.

The standout looks are undoubtedly the high angled collars on several coats. They’re a fun kind of futuristic, never kitschy. This designer has given us a taste of what’s next in fashion transformation. Get ready for the ride. fdmLOVES PARKCHOONMOO Fall 2014 selects by Brigitte Segura, written by AllisonRipa.

(Ph: Andrew Werner | FashionDailyMag)

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