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Orly Nail Polish Summer Collection

Orly Nail Polish Summer Collection

Get your nails looking lovely and turn up the heat with Mash Up, the Summer Collection by Orly. If you have a passion for nail trends, this bold collection is perfect for you. Blur the line between energetic and outrageous with 6 shades that will definitely have people talking. With crazy brights and fierce hues, your tips will never be boring again… so go ahead and paint the town.

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Like pink, but want more of a pop? Choreographed Chaos, a bubblegum pink chrome, is the best choice for you. If pastels are more your style, try Harmonious Mess, a lavender crème. To make the biggest statement, pick Mayhem Mentality, a vibrant orange that screams summer. Love glitter polishes? Sparkling Garbage, a saturated green with holographic glitter, is a gorgeous shade with the perfect amount of sparkle. A color that is reminiscent of days by the ocean is what you want on your nails? Pretty-Ugly, a teal chrome, has us feeling like we’re on a cruise. If you want a hue that gives the effect of being in outer space, try Beautiful Disaster, a unique magenta chrome.

Long after the hot days of summer are gone, these polishes will give you a pop of color where it’s least expected. This collection is available at and other purveyors of beauty throughout the U.S. and in over 100 countries worldwide. Orly Nail Polish Summer Collection written by Brittany George.

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