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NICE LAUNDRY patterned socks to love

NICE LAUNDRY patterned socks to love

Keeping up with trends doesn’t mean you have to be flashy, especially if you’re a guy.  Nice Laundry has come up with a way for you to stay in style and donate to a good cause.  Fashionable socks for the guys, with colorful cute patterns to give your feet a personality and keep you smiling.  The brand has a few perks that got our attention too…

Crafted from the finest materials (your feet will be happy), these handy socks follow trends and seasons. Call it an affordable menswear revolution – allowing the guys to keep as up to date with trends as women without flashy clothes. Perfect gifts for the guys-  and ladies, if your feet aren’t too small, these socks are perfect paired with boots or sneakers. The socks are sold in packs of  6 pairs to remake a guy’s sock drawer.

NICE LAUNDRY socks FashionDailyMag sel 1

A few more bonuses: recycle your own socks- and in turn, Nice Laundry gives a brand new pair. The donated socks, depending on condition, will either be donated to areas of need or turned into fibers and repurposed. Socks get old, lost, or stretched; why throw them away when they can be put to a better cause? Plus, when you donate socks, Nice Laundry will give you a 15-20% discounton your next purchase.

NICE LAUNDRY socks FashionDailyMag sel 2

No doubt this is a great way to update your sock drawer without feeling guilty! Check out their cute striped, argyle, or color blocked styles (about $6 | pair) NICE LAUNDRY patterned socks to love written by Nadia Hartvigsen.

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