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Neil Barrett Menswear spring 2014

Neil Barrett Menswear spring 2014

Black, white and grays are the most prominent shades at Designer Neil Barrett Menswear spring 2014 collection. Like an old movie, the most prominent shades in this assortment of bermuda shorts (a trending look for guys next season), blazers and sweaters. The only pop of color is red as the set ends. It looks ‘bad boy’ hot on the jackets in leather and flannel. Nothing too outrageous but still very memorable, these looks are clean and comfortable.

NEIL BARRETT menswear spring 2014 fashiondailymag sel  7

There’s a lot of color blocking going on with big checks and squares on the majority of the tops. It looks nouveau modern with still hints of classic silhouettes. The double grays  on tops and slacks are sleek. One of the looks contains a funky white leather jacket with a color blocking design on the front. The way the jacket lays tricks the eye, making it almost appear 3D. Several sweaters also trick the eye, privy to Barrett’s style. There’s also a jacket that looks half trench coat and half smoking jacket. A fitted belt makes it look like something Clark Kent would sport today. The simple all-black pieces shine the most. So suave.

As for the red pieces, they resemble retro flannel duds. Some have those eye-catching blocks like the black and gray pieces. A blazer and pair of bermuda shorts works beautifully. This collection fully shows that men should rock their bare legs, no matter what the occasion. If you got it, flaunt it. fdmLOVES NEIL BARRETT menswear spring 2014 selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Allison Ripa.


Photos: IMAXTREE | FashionWirePress


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