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Mihara Yasuhiro womenswear Pop-up Paris

Mihara Yasuhiro womenswear Pop-up Paris

catching up: Designer Mihara Yasuhiro presented a Pop-Up Shop during Paris Fashion Week at the Galerie de Valois Jardin du Palais Royal in Paris, to present his womenswear collection. The shop celebrated its opening with the lively “Sakura party“, thrown to honor the Mihara Yasuhiro Floating Flowers collection. With aesthetics after his own heart, Yasuhiro ventured out to design not only clothing and shoes, but something that resembled the fleeting beauty women possess through simplicity and appearance of the ephemeral flower.

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With features so defined and vibrant colors, this collection showcased the intricacies and cycles of this flower with keen detail and design, highlighting the pristine formation and evanescent delicacy. The coarse fabrication, textures, and the masculinity of the lifework was not in fact created to de-feminize the line, but to express a rough journey coming along with a refined finish. The inspiration was depicted in the complexity of the flowered patterns that played off the practical garments, which will be sold at the Miharayashurio Pop-Up store until March 20, 2013.

The shoes and booties with pattern play were our favorite finds. This season’s pieces were created not only to reflect the momentary trend or beauty of certain clothing, but it was created in order to empower strength and vitality though a collection that was created to represent an au courant woman’s moving life. Mihara Yasuhiro Pop-up Store written by Julia Paulescu.

photo credit: Paul Blind and Fabien de Serres

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