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mid-summer SKIN care: clear is beautiful

mid-summer SKIN care:  clear is beautiful

Break out of the mold-and not on your face-with these three skincare products. They  target blemishes and acne, while giving a fresh finish. Start your routine right, with the soap-free Sebamed Cleansing Bar. Sebamed has the perfect pH for your skin, 5.5, so your face is beautifully balanced while defeating bacteria. Dryness won’t be a problem, since squalane, amino acids, lecithin, vitamins add the needed moisture. The bar is free of preservatives while Vitamin-E captures free-radicals so your skin’s health will always be first.

Use Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel as a soothing follow-up with the help of panthenol and allantion. It continues where the bar left off, fighting the battle against blackheads and blemishes, while natural aloe barbadensis and hyaluronic acid are moisturizers that give a dewey finish. Building a barrier against bacteria-causing acne has never been easier, as the gel improves the acid mantle layer- strengthening you skin like never before. Finish off with OC Eight Professional Mattifying Gel that will balance skin tone for over eight hours!  without all the added shine. Use before oil-free makeup in the morning to help your foundation reach its maximum potential. As soon as it hits your face, the gel’s micro-particles grab facial sebum, creating a shine-free complexion. With this beauty trio, you’ll finish summer better than you started for a stellar grand finale. Written by Mary Anderson. 

photo: backstage at Creatures in the Wind [NYFW] make-up by NARS

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