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Michael Kors Beauty

Michael Kors Beauty

Get recognizably fashionable with that special Michael Kors touch. Anything he gives his attention to defines his vision of a modern lady. Just like the clothing label his accessory lines carry that vibe and are highly popular.  What’s more, now the designer has added fragrance and beauty products under his umbrella. Simply put it’s top to toe the MK way.

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This launch marks a first for the company with lifestyle translated into fragrances and captured with cosmetics. The romantic tone draws out a soft femininity with feelings to match. “The Michael Kors sense of beauty is a heightened reality,” says Kors. “It’s a way for women to accentuate each of their moods.” There is an absolute fierceness in channeling that into three personalities of Sporty, Sexy, Glam.

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The aromas each have a distinct attraction. Get refreshed with Sporty Citrus with orange and mandarin plus white florals or go spicier with sandalwood doused in musk as enchanting Sexy Amber. The floral take with Glam Jasmine captures elegance with plum and berry. His first venture with make-up was smartly diverse while playing it on the safe side in nudes, adding in playful brights and deep shades for drama. All the essentials with sun kissed youthfulness of bronzers, polish for pretty, and rich lipstick and gloss for luster. This seamless expansion appears to a natural progression that fits right in with the style. fdmLOVES MICHAEL KORS beauty written by Sarah A. Freiseis.


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