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MARSELL hand-crafted shoes for the GUYS

MARSELL hand-crafted shoes for the GUYS

Every man has his go-to shoe. whether it’s a worn in combat boot, beaded loafer or his trusty oxfords, he knows what he wants. Birthed in the shoe-making capital of the world, Marsèll was created in Milan, as a coming-of age contemporary brand that specializes in men’s footwear. With a sort of modern bohemian influence, Marsell creates the ultimate reliable shoe for the man that’s willing teeter on the edge.

337078 - Marsell slippers

Each pair is carefully handcrafted for his suitor’s need, out of Italian Leather, with that desired distressed feel, which allows the shoe to glove the soles of your feet. The feel taken on the shoe is extremely modernistic with a heritage feel; they really clasp every component of your foot.  it allows for a comfortable, stylish, suave feel.  Now available at Mr.Porter, this luxe Italian shoe has pushed its way to US Retailers and has become popular to crowds of fashionable men.

Marsell accessorizes a bit of every kind of EURO-sexy man: from the keen European riding a Vespa, to the up-and-coming Hollywood actor, or the architect taking a stroll.  The collection varies between the relaxed biker boot, the elegant slipper or the never-fail, always in style lace up. These shoes give a new meaning to bringing black back, by depending the collection on this one color that seems to fit every man’s need. Everything from the crinkled and worn leather to the matching laces, this shoe complements the COOL for the occasion. Written by Julia Paulescu

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