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Marni Resort 2014

Marni Resort 2014

There is everything in the Marni Resort 2014 collection. And by everything, we mean that this line is as diverse as any woman’s closet. Designer Consuelo Castiglioni constructed a lovely assortment of casual, formal and sporty pieces essential for the modern female. This line evolves with you and almost every picturesque design is constructed from a gorgeous jewel tone color. As opposed to words, there’s a “play on fabric” throughout with intermingling textures and lengths. Each piece is cut with flawless certainty.

MARNI RESORT 2014  FashionDailyMag feature

Instead of common youthful silhouettes, this line is pure strong woman. It’s for the working girl who needs attire for a night out and a day on the tennis court. Each piece goes to the knee, right below or a tad above with a high emphasis put on the waist. This part of the body is usually hidden but here, it is highlighted beautifully with cinched bows that look feminine and divine. Hips are embraced, not criticized. The prints are resort and office ready (a sweet nod to the 70s). Everything is so interchangeable. A fab piece is the burnt orange sleeveless dress. It’s simple but leaves a punch…days later you’ll still remember it.

The wedged sandals, heels and flat sandals can be mixed and matched perfectly. Oversized glasses channel Jackie O, who would rock these looks with such grace and flair today. It’s a collection that embraces being a woman. fdmLOVES MARNI resort 2014 selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Allison Ripa


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