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Lady Gaga in Ruthie Davis Shoes

Lady Gaga in Ruthie Davis Shoes

Lady Gaga debuted her latest single, “Applause” on Good Morning America. Not long after, she stopped by New York’s Hit Radio Station Z100 sporting a pair of  heels from the Ruthie Davis SS14 collection. As designer Ruthie Davis prides herself on “rewriting the rules governing modern elegance and glamour” and so with Gaga’s on stage appeal and Davis’ edgy approach to design the two seem to be a perfect match.

Who better to wear them than than the ‘Mother Monster herself’ – a woman who whose lyrics reflect the need for recognition. She selected the  ‘Naomi’ style for her interview appearance which in their own right made her a show stopper. In her chat with Elvis Duran and the Z100 morning show personalities Gaga spoke candidly revealing that many of her decisions as an artist were responses to situations she faced during her trek to stardom.

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Later she said, “Nothing that I face now is even close to as hard as it was before I got here… It made me hard and it made me kind of vacant and insecure and that’s when I started to put on all of the wigs and all of the outfits.” Now that she has undergone what she referred to as a transformation, can we continue to expect the unexpected from Lady Gaga? From the looks of her single, “Applause” video it doesn’t seem like she will leading us astray. One thing that we can rest assured in is that she’ll look the part. LADY GAGA IN RUTHIE DAVIS shoes written by Lauren Watts.

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