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Kaminsky xy Hats for Guys

Kaminsky xy Hats for Guys

Though the current weather prevents us from even considering adding an extra layer of clothing, let alone cashmere. Here’s a of Kaminski XY headwear to get you thinking about being accessorized in warmth in the months to come. Check out the variety of beautiful colors including blue that come in classic and trendy styles. Keeping cozy, looking cool.

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The perfect winter add-on: several fedora-like hats are offered in rollable felt, making these hats as easy to travel with as they are easy to wear. Rich teal blue and camel make several appearances throughout the collection in varying degrees of sophistication. The Anton stands out in particular, a modern take on a newsboy cap with a streamlined design and modular shape… a statement maker.

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Other headwear comes in traditional shapes and colors and are made of wool cashmere and sueded felt. The knitted caps and scarves stand alone, made with cashmere. Like those of a true man of the North, these hats provide complete functionality and casual cool style. For those in a temperamental climate, Kaminski XY has water-resistant caps made from oiled suede. Available in the aforementioned fedora-like style, it also comes in a more athletics-inspired approach to the Anton and an equestrian style cap. An for the dapper side,  the expedition tweed set gives an English countryside approach to millinery that will make an impression. KAMINSKI XY hats for guys written by Cameron Hull.


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