KAELEN spring 2014 highlights

A collection of the versus. Kaelen‘s Spring 2014 collection portrays the competitive nature of much juxtaposition: feminine vs. masculine, black vs. white, and structured vs. drapery.  The unique balance between a strong tailored shoulder and a sexy cutout along the backside exudes a woman who acts like a lady but thinks like a man.

This liberating notion that women can wear men’s apparel even sexier than a man could himself is defined in Kaelen’s collection. The rebranding of a woman with power.

KAELEN spring 2014 FashionDailyMag sel 1

The symmetric black and white patterns, and all of the grey areas in between, adds to this notion of the versus. How could a collection be so strong yet so soft in its approach? The mixture of bold blacks and whimsical whites signifies a balance that every woman should strive to achieve, well at least in their closets. This not only follows the black and white trend of the season but goes even further with its introduction of teal. This ocean inspired color reinforces the notion that balance is everything, like the calm waves of the sea.

The structured blazers and drapery dresses catches the eye of all fashion lovers. The rugged plaid print merged next to candid white fabric eludes the image of a beautifully structured piece of art centered in the middle of the perfect frame. Simply put, this collection joins femininity and power into a beautiful couple. KAELEN spring 2014 selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Nia Bolling.