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Joseph Abboud Fall 2013

Joseph Abboud Fall 2013

Men with stone cold glares and sharp jawlines wearing fashion-forward working man’s clothes. Outfitted in dark fall colors like black, grey, white, and forest green, with mustard accents, the models wear utilitarian looks with just enough fashion in them. Perfect for the urban masculine man, Joseph Abboud’s Fall 2013 runway hits the right note.

baptiste radufe Joseph Abboud Fall 2013 FashionDailyMag sel 21

The first look is almost winter: an all-white outfit complete with a cotton parka with extra trim. An outfit both completely functional and fashionable, it represents the rest of the collection perfectly. Baptiste Radufe makes an appearance, and outerwear is on display in zipped reversibles with leather trim, shearling motorcycle jackets in unconventional white and three-button overcoats giving men a variety. The color scheme resembles that of the urban jungle of the season in the: harsh, cold, and unforgivingly cold. Warmth comes into the color scheme when the mustard yellow of autumn leaves provides an accent as it peeks from underneath the fabulously constructed coats and jackets.

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Staying warm is easy with expertly cut and hemmed trousers and for the more casual guy, flannel and wool jogging pants. Several looks stray from the strict black, grey, and white palette with unique combinations like a navy leather blouson. Other references to autumn’s colors appear in maroon motorcycle and jean jackets. Creative Director Bernardo Rojo achieved his goal in making this season about innovation as his unique outerwear celebrates what’s happening with menswear. fdmLOVES JOSEPH ABBOUD selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Cameron Hull.

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