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[It just got brighter out] HOW’S YOUR SKIN

[It just got brighter out] HOW’S YOUR SKIN

FEED your SKIN to health [from inside] with ingredients to enhance your overall skin ‘tone’… you can’t always hide behind those BIG [fashion] sunglasses…and it’s too soon for a summer glow; Drink your WATER and expedite your recovery from this year of stress and step-out into the daylight.

With all the talk about antioxidants and essential fatty acids in face and body creams, it just makes sense to “take” some of those VITAMINS too, n’est-ce pas? … it’s time for some healthier (and economical) choices in skin-care to compliment your daily regimen… you’ll feel better AND help protect your skin’s future against “environmental stresses”…One option is to take a light (multi) designed for the skin- ARBONNE Nutrimin C [RE9 REsist anti-aging supplement] contains key ingredients like flax seed oil,alpha lipoic acid, Co Q10, and vitamins A, C, and E giving your skin an added radiance within 1 month ( of taking 4 / day)…

For a more intense skin DEFENSE MODE, especially if you’ve had ‘a little too much’ fun celebrating lately, visit the vitamin GURU at Bell Bates naturals– (NYC) and go for the “private label”. [BELL] takes a [health + skin] approach and can suggest a regimen ( + combos) of supplements for your skin needs and stress factors. For better skin tone, supplements can include co-Q10, Vitamin C + bioflavonoids, DMAE, alpha-lipoic acid and borage oil. Walk-in to BELL BATES Tribeca (Mon-Sat), or call for and speak with JAD for an appointment (so you won’t have to wait as long); but there’s always the neighborhood regulars… Bell Bates is offering 10% off your order of $50 or more for fashiondailymag readers.

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