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HAIR TRENDS: the SCARF updo at DOLCE GABBANA spring 2013 Milan

HAIR TRENDS: the SCARF updo at DOLCE GABBANA spring 2013 Milan

GET the BEAUTY LOOK:  We’ve seen the scarf on the hair trending a couple of times now on the Spring 2013 runway.  We especially liked the summertime 60’s island patterns on the hair at Dolce & Gabbana at Milan Fashion Week.   A light, loose updo ‘accessorized’ the beautiful Sicilian inspired scarves worn throughout the show.  Redken Creative Consultant Guido shares with us how he styled the HAIR trend for Dolce & Gabbana, and step by step how-to [maybe try it now].


The updo today is not really a twist, not a knot, and it’s all about the scarf and working around the scarf. In my mind it’s how a Sicilian woman would just quickly pin her hair up and then tie on a scarf. You can still see the hairline which is what keeps it from looking too severe, and there’s a little bit of height but its not too exaggerated. It’s a very light, summery look, taking some inspiration from the sixties with a little Riviera feeling, but it’s not pastiched.”  -Guido, Redken Creative Consultant.  by Brigitte Segura.

Create the Look:

  1. Apply Redken aerate 08 all-over bodifying cream-mousse from roots to ends to create some volume with a little texture when you blow-dry.
  2. Blow-dry straight back so that there’s no part.
  3. Tie on the silk headscarf folded about two inches thick, leaving about an inch of hair from the hairline, knotting scarf on the bottom to the side.
  4. Pin hair up into a “rough updo” that’s almost a twist or a knot and works with the hair length and type, and pin with open fasteners.

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