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GRAY AWAY root concealer

GRAY AWAY root concealer

BEAUTY FIX: Start your day in a New York minute- Gray Away Root Concealer helps you slip out the door in seconds in between salon visits. The touch-up spray temporarily covers gray roots in a RANGE of colors- from bold blond to sultry black- resulting in natural, streak and flake-free strands on the go. Your hair doesn’t have to sacrifice health for beauty, since the product is free of harmful chemicals, such as peroxide and ammonia, and dyes. For a night on the town, hit the dance floor without worry, as the spray is sweat-resistant and removable by simply shampooing.
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Start your day stress free, follow easy steps: First, identify the gray area, whether on the center/side part or hairline/temple section. For center/side part application, shake well, and spray the concealer a few inches from the area, using a side-swept motion to avoid blotching. Then, wait patiently for 2-3 minutes before styling your locks. If only your hairline and temple needs fixing, then use your hand or comb to select the area, and instead use short sprays for even coverage. For those tough, tiny strands near the face, use a brow brush or mascara wand to apply Gray Away. If blotching occurs, never fear, but swipe away spots with a damp cloth or tissue and try again. Excellent for up to 40 uses, Gray Away ensures your cover-up fast! by Mary Anderson.

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