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GIRL gotta have a tote for the city

GIRL gotta have a tote for the city

Now that all the holiday cute gifts have been received, how about that practical bag situation?  I try my best to downsize the bag size for the occasion, but the reality is that I’m always looking for a cute tote that can hold all the things I need.  A bag that can carry documents, the whole makeup bag, and perhaps a couple of gadgets and sweater to layer is always on my must have list.

Though it seems like an attractive holdall is an easy item to find,  I’m always challenged in finding one that doesn’t look like a book tote or the basic black and brown model my mother would love… especially if you want to carry it with you on the train and don’t mind it getting a bit dirty.

We found some cute and super practical bags from Robert Matthew in a range of sweet colors like mint, hot pink, pastel peach, white, muted blue and a gold to give you a little zap of color even a fashion girl can appreciate.   These bags are super durable, have tons of practical compartments with zippers and can fit enough of your musts to shlep around in the city without looking like a bag lady!

Our  favorites for now and spring, from ROBERT MATTHEW, at an affordable $200 and under. GIRL gotta have a tote selects + words by Brigitte Segura.

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