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Gareth Pugh Spring 2014 PFW

Gareth Pugh Spring 2014 PFW

Sometimes, we get accustomed to what designers turn out every season. Breaking away from the norm is risky, but it’s always such a lovely surprise when that change is for the better. Case in point, Gareth Pugh’s Spring 2014 collection. This was a superb change of pace for the designer, a louder, more vibrant one. Almost like he’s breaking free from what he’s even used to. The results are simply marvelous from head to toe. Here is change to welcome with open arms.

GARETH PUGH Spring 2014 fashiondailymag sel 36

Starting out with quite a bang, a teal evening gown with a wild mauve headpiece set the stage for the remaining looks. The next few sets are silver and grey winners, with that same bright teal shade appearing on a long silk skirt. Styles are cut with a futuristic silhouette in mind. Shoulders appear circular most of the time, with a few completely rounded short jackets made out of leather that ‘wow.’ Take a quick glance, and you’re instantly transformed into a modern Renaissance era with those pieces. The dramatic headpieces reappear in black and white, accenting the ‘silent movie’ makeup on the models. There’s a deliciously sinister feel with the remaining black and white looks, almost like ‘good’ witch versus ‘bad’ witch.


There aren’t enough of great words to describe how amazingly innovative this collection truly is. It’s witchy fabulous in all its supernova glory. Fashion needs to keep evolving, and this is exactly the kind of transition it needs. Fantastic! fdmLOVES GARETH PUGH Spring 2014 selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Allison Ripa.

(Photos: IMAXTREE | Fashionwirepress)

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