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ERDEM Resort 2014

ERDEM Resort 2014

Erdem Moralioglu must have traveled back in time to a dreamy escape when he thought-out his Erdem Resort 2014 collection. The looks all resonate back to a simpler time before. The pieces are charismatic and young, like venturing off on your first holiday to an exciting new place. They’re girlish with a hint of rougher masculinity, evoking a sense of tomboy rebellion trying to get out. It’s an exciting new take on traditional silhouettes and his love of kitschy fabrics continues to show through.

ERDEM resort 2014 FashionDailyMag sel 8

This line especially tells a story. The models standing side-by-side is a different, fantastic approach. It’s lovely to see Erderm’s pieces compliment each other so well. The printed dresses and skirts look straight out of Betty Draper’s closet. Everything old is new and exciting again. The sheer accents are so delicate and feminine. One of the standout pieces is definitely the black lace boiler suit. The satin pants look like a hybrid of pajama bottoms, and they become an out-of-this world trouser that’s never been seen before. The surprising dashes of rich cerulean make this wonderful collection truly POP with flair.

The loafers in various colors is a cute touch. The ruffled collars look flirty on the printed jumpsuit and knee-length dress. The style is so youthful, the models truly look like they’re on a getaway to Rome. Erdem claims that resort season is a time to “experiment,” and this line is a fabulous concoction. Memorable, and so fun!  fdmLOVES ERDEM resort 2014 selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Allison Ripa.

Photos: Fashion Wire Press

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