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EASY to wear make-up now

EASY to wear make-up now

Step into the season ahead with new make-up that’s meant for easy style in a heartbeat. Beauty is as beauty does: quality products with countless options from Pixi and NP SET are convenient to find and perfect as we transition into a richer color palette for fall.

Start off by using Pixi Redness Reducing Primer which will create a smooth canvas for you to apply your make up. Both brands have a bronzer to apply on top of your foundation which can be used to contour your face and really enhance your features. Regardless if you decide to use NP SET Bronzing Powder or Pixi’s Perfection Palette make sure to use them in moderation, remember, sometimes less is more! The coolest thing about Pixi’s Perfection Palette is that you can touch up your entire face using one compact. So you don’t have to tote around a make up bag that’s stuffed to the max.

Finish your new look by adding a pop of color to your lips using NP Set lip colors. Whether you’re a lady that loves the volume that lipstick gives or you would rather use a gloss, they have you covered. They have pretty pinks and violets which work perfectly for pouts as we move into the fall. Get the tools to give yourself a makeup refresher without having to do a complete overhaul.  fdmLOVES easy to wear make-up written by Lauren Watts.


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