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CZAR cesar galindo fall 2013

CZAR cesar galindo fall 2013

Cesar Galindo’s CZAR Fall 2013 show was a great conversation starter here at The Studio at Lincoln Center was packed full of different people from fashion editors at top magazines too buyers from one of our favorite stores,  bergdorf goodman in New York City. Fitting, as a common theme in Cesar’s work has been providing glamour for a broad a range of women.

This season, CZAR came up with a broader idea, every day pieces for a woman’s closet as well as dressing for the occasion, and shared with us backstage..

CZAR by Cesar Galindo Fall 2013 MBFW by Thomas Condordia | FashionDailyMag

“Another staple in my collection is convertible clothing.“These are pieces you can wear not only from work to play, but pieces that you can change based on the temperature around you. The coat I opened up with, the sleeves come out and the hood comes off. It transforms the look based on how you are feeling.”

The most notable pieces in the collection were dresses, of course.   The long, the cocktail and minidresses were fab.  We loved the draped neck knit blue piece,  and a few shiny dresses made from a gorgeous beaded material that shimmered but wasn’t outlandish.  Though we saw more than a usual dose of ‘slouchy’ sportswear from CESAR, we kind of like it – and it wasn’t made for a special occasion. Don’t forget to check out the feathered hat. fdmLOVES selects from CZAR cesar galindo fall 2013 by Brigitte Segura,  Written by Barii Suzuki-Bell.

photo credit: tom concordia

more photo selects to come.


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