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CONVERSE Fall 2013 Rock ‘n Roll Collection

CONVERSE Fall 2013 Rock ‘n Roll Collection

Get everyone looking at your feet this fall with jealous eyes! Converse Fall 2013 collection featuring their classic sneaks with a new hard edge attitude for guys and girls. The Rock ‘n Roll Inspired Rock Craftsmanship’ collection is too hot with reconstructed hardware (think spikes and studs), attractive animal prints and new styles that are all things rock glam. They capture that unapologetic rock persona to a T.

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These new styles are wild. There’s some new silhouettes now, and it’s exciting to see the classic Chucks get a makeover. The Collar Studs style features hard rock spikes, studs and zippers in silver and gold. Classic low-top and high-top sneakers are still available, including an elevated platform. You know, for the days you need an extra lift. Double zip, classic All Star, platforms and animal print styles are all part of this exciting new endeavor. It’s still the great Converse brand with a little more attitude.

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Personal faves are the new funky colors and animal print detailing inside and outside the shoe. With colors called “Fiery Coral” and “Purple Cactus Flower,” these aren’t the Chucks you’re used to…they’re even better. Perfect for that transition from summer to fall footwear. Because seriously ladies, who doesn’t love a pair of platforms? And guess what, Converse is also releasing an updated Kids Collection with these same bright colors, fun patterns and a new platform sole. Let your kids express themselves early. Prices range from $55-100 and are available now worldwide in retail locations + online. fdmLOVES CONVERSE rock ‘n roll selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Allison Ripa


Photos courtesy of Converse


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